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  1. Hi! I just tried to publish a post that was kind of big from my iPhone, it had 8 pictures. I'm not sure if it finished loading, it's not doing the spinning circle, it just does nothing. I can open the app, and get as far as the blog list. When I click on my blog, it highlights the entry but does not go into the blog. Is it stuck because of my pictures? Is it a bug with the new update? Tips?

  2. I have precisely the same issue. Ver 2.5 on a itouch 2nd gen.
    If this can't be resolved I'll be losing many hours of writing... Done with a Bluetooth keyboard on local draft posts.
    Very won't load, but no error messages! Nor apparent freeze, but who knows behind the scenes.

  3. Hey there joshfinder and Seferino. Sorry to hear you're having problems uploading photos with the iOS app. Just want to double check - which version of WordPress are both of you using?, or If it's WPorg, could you tell me which version of WP software you're using?

    We're seeing some reports of people having trouble uploading photos, so I'm currently working on a bugfix.

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