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  1. brandonsavage020
    Oct 29, 2009, 11:15 PM

    I upgraded to Wordpress 2.0 on iPhone tonight. However nothing I do will get my blog to add properly.

    I have tried te following URL combinations:

    I have verified my password is correct. I have also checked that XML-RPC is on and available from my server. I've read the forums and googled but to no avail.

    The symptoms are that the app says "validating blog" with the spinning wheel and then that disappears and my original screen is displayed again. There is no feedback as to what the problem is.

    Has anyone else had or resolved this issue?

  2. Check out why this page doesn't load up the proper info: . I get:

    It should load up something like this:

  3. @brandonsavage020 -

    There's something odd with your server setup. I made a test request (system.listMethods) to and it returned:

    XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.<!--cached --^gt;

    That type of message is usually only returned when an HTTP GET request is being made, but it gave me this even though I made a proper XML-RPC request over HTTP POST.

    Second that <!--cached--> is being included with each response, including the RSD ( XML document. That's not valid XML so it's going to give an XML parser problems.

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