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  1. I know that the general idea of a blog is to post stuff and it gets posted now, but I am running a blog which tracks day-to-day information - it's called "One Creative Thing" and in it I post about doing at least one creative thing every day. Unfortunately, often I'm busy *doing* the creative thing so I don't get around to posting what I did until a day or two later - but Wordpress for iPhone won't let me backdate my posts (I've tried and the wheely thing moves, but then bounces back to today) so I can post them under, say, yesterday's date - for this blog the posting date relates not so much to when the content went online (which doesn't matter) as to when the creative activity took place. At the moment I'm getting around this by writing the posts, then sending them to online draft, which at least gets the activity tracked, but it means I need to go into 'proper' wordpress to reassign the date, so it would be fabulously helpful if a post could just be backdated within the iPhone app. Thanks!

  2. I have the same problem. Why can I not set the date I want like on my website? Please fix this bug!

  3. Hey Guys,

    I assume you are using version 1.3 (or previous) ?
    The issue you mentioned has been fixed in the current version (1.4) which is in beta now and hopefully hit the AppStore soon.

    So no worries and please be patient :)

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