Auto-correct and auto-punctuation not working on iPad Mini 2 with app v4.6

  1. Hello all,

    I've noticed that when I try to post a comment, or reply to a comment, posted to an article I follow in my WordPress Reader, my auto-correct and auto-punctuation no longer function.

    I've checked in my Settings -> General -> Keyboard that all functions are enabled, and they are functioning in every other app that supports text input. I'm running iOS 8.1.2 on an iPad Mini 2 64GB Wifi device.

    I can also duplicate this on my iPhone 5S running iOS 8.1.2 with the WordPress 4.6 app.

    Normally I only encounter this behaviour when using a Bluetooth external keyboard, but never with the on-screen keyboard.

    Has anyone else here encountered this, or perhaps know how to resolve this?


  2. Hi there,

    We have run into this with our own testing as well - we are aware of it, and we will take a look at what the next steps might be. Thanks for your report!


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