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  1. Will there ever be support for upload of Audio files via the App? I use my Wordpress to Podcast, but I always have to go to the Mobile Web to do any audio uploading. Would love to be able to add audio via the app.

    If there is another reason why this is not developed/allowed, I'd love to hear it.


  2. Hi xenzirril

    Honestly audio support isn't something that's been on our radar, other features have held greater demand. If we ever decided to tackle audio support we'd first want to spend time researching what would work best for our podcasters.

    On that note, I'd love to hear more about your workflow. :) Working with audio on an iPhone can be tricky. What challenges have you had to solve?


  3. Most challenges I have aren't with the iPad form factor or IOS themselves; nothing that can't be addressed with external devices and editing apps.

    Really, its just the extra step of leaving the WP app to re-log into Mobile Web dashboard for uploading purposes.

    Additionally, there are other Podcast recording apps that use FTP and your uploads file path but they are sort of the other side of the coin; all Podcast support but no Wordpress interface.

    Seeing as all the hooks for media embed are already established, it seems like the only hurdles are how the WP app interfaces with the file management on IOS and the relevant bit encoding, if any.

    Just a thought to make an app I already like better.


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