Application Specific Password.

  1. Okay, so I work in tech support so I know how to troubleshoot.

    I got to Create a password. I input it into my phone. It throws me back into the log in screen.

    I uninstall app. Reinstall. Same problem. I'm creating new passwords and revoking old ones.

    I use iOS 7.1. Is this just not compatible with the OS? Because I'm getting awfully frustrated to the point of furious that I literally cannot sign in on my phone.


  2. The app supports two step authentication with an application specific password On the sign in screen, you'd enter the app specific password in lieu of your normal password. Just want to confirm that this is where you're entering the app specific password.

    If you're still having trouble you could turn on extra-debug and reproduce the error to capture it in the activity log, then mail the log to "mobile-support at automattic dot com", referencing this forum post.

  3. I'm having similar problems setting up a password for my ipad. I keep being asked for password but can't get into set it. I'm sure it is me but I have removed the 2 step rather than keep being frustrated so any help would be great!

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