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  1. I never can get images to upload from my phone to the media folder of my wordpress app. It just loads and loads and loads infinitely. Eventually craps out and shows me the retry arrow. Any ideas? This is very frustrating because it means I have to email myself the images that are on my phone and go through all those extra steps to get images to my blog when I could easily just upload from the app! HELP?

  2. STILL cannot get the app to upload images! I just tried creating a new blog post and it shows the images in the post on my app, but when I open on my browser on my images. What the hell? Can someone please help me?? Why is this happening? This is a major hurdle to being able to upload images from my phone!!

  3. Hi there @Tina!

    From your last message it looks like you were finally able to insert images in a blog post, which is good news, but then you mentioned that the images are not there if you open the post on a desktop browser. Is the post still a draft or was it published?

    It could be many things, but before I can see what could be causing this issue for sure, would you let me know your post address (URL) starting with (http://) where you can't see the images?

    I'll be more than happy to help from there and see what's going on.


  4. I made a test page, since I don’t want to make a post that will auto post to my feeds...and don’t feel like turning everything off...

    There’s just one image on the page. But it doesn’t show on the front end, just back end.

    Also doesn’t show in media. Just shows “retry” on the image.

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