App won't upload images

  1. I've seen this posted since 2015 as an it is 2018 and I'm still having the issue! I don't know if it was fixed before and now it's back, or what...but every thread I found with this issue was closed, and here's a new one....

    I am trying to upload images via ios app and it just loads and loads and loads and NOTHING. Won't upload.

    Am I going to have to email myself these images again like I had to do in the past, or is there a fix that I've just not stumbled upon yet? I know it DID work at one point, I remember using the app to upload images at some point...but now it's not working. HELP!

  2. Hi there! @Tina

    An image upload issue could be an indication of something wrong with the site, an app permission or even the app version you are running.

    Before I look into this for you I'd like to know what's your app version number? To get your current app version, tap on "Me > Help & Support". If you have an app version other than 9.8, please update the app, try again and let me know if that worked.

    On the other hand, what's your site address (URL)? (starting with (http://)

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