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  1. Hello
    i am using the app with some multisites. one of the site is duplicated of an existing multisite with the wordpress-plugin multisite clone duplicator.

    after adding the clone-site to the app, the app shows as blogname the original-site name in the list of websites. but the name of the clone-site is already changed to "clone".

    after adding the original-site to the app, with the url of the original site, the app adds the clone-site as a second instance.

    now one of the clone-sites in the website-list is shown as "original" and one as "clone". But the url of both is to "clone"

    after tapping the clone site with the name "original" to edit some stuff, i see as blog name "original". after going back to switch another site the names in the list switches in a random way from "original" to "clone" or backward.

    maybe its a problem of the plugin, but in the web-dashboard seems everything all right.

    thank you

  2. Hi lownatic,

    Thanks for getting in touch with this issue - that sounds like an interesting problem to be running into. We've run through a little testing at our end under similar conditions and have so far been unable to replicate this.

    Would you be willing to get in touch with more information about this situation? To get in touch, go to "Help & Support" (on the "Me" tab - the person icon) and tap on "Contact us". That will provide us with application logs and a better way to track and troubleshoot this.

    In your contact message please be sure to mention you've come from the forums, and include your site address (URL) along with the description of this issue so we can keep everything together & see what we can do.

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