App posts the wrong name byline

  1. Every time I use an ios or desktop WP app to post to my site, the post invariably appears under a colleague’s name. The only way to fix it is to open the full version in any browser then I can change the byline manually.

    The problem does not occur when I use a browser either via or directly via my self hosted site. I’ve looked for a setting to correct the error in both desktop and iOS apps and can’t find one. Anyone got any ideas?

  2. Hi there,

    It sounds like you have a self-hosted site, and I'm guessing you have the Jetpack plugin and its connected to Does that sound right?

    If you check your site's wp-admin > Jetpack dashboard and scroll down to the Connections section, to which account does it say its connected? I'm guessing it might be your colleague's?

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