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  1. Since the latest update of the WP app I've had terrible trouble trying to publish a post. There is no 'publish' button....only an 'update' one and IT DOESN'T WORK!! I cannot post to any of my blogs. This is a, when the update button does work I am forced to go onto the actual site to publish my post. This is not what a have an app for. I want to work from the app only.

    Please can SOMEONE help and tell me how I publish from my app.

  2. Oh thank you......that's very helpful.

  3. If you are editing a post that is already published, the button will say 'Update'. Tapping the update button will save your changes to the post online.

  4. championofbreakfasts
    May 25, 2013, 5:04 AM

    Publishing is hidden!

    Do this: on a post you're ready to publish, go into the editing view. Hide the keyboard (if you're on iOS) and look for the little gear-icon at the bottom-left of the editing window.

    Select that gear ("Settings"), and you'll see that your post is in "draft" mode. That's a selectable field -- touch "draft" and then roll down to "published."

    Once you've done this and hit "Update," your posting is out there for the world to read!

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