App getting confused about posts and pages

  1. Somehow the app seems to be a little bit confused for me. It shows some of my posts as pages and vice versa. It does show a lot of old post, bot none of the newer ones. I have no idea why that is.

    On my server I have the following WP setup:

    * Wordpress 3.4.1
    * Theme: Twentyeleven
    * Active Plugins:
    ** Akismet
    ** Jetpack

    That's it. The only thing I consider noteworthy besides those facts is that I've imported some of my old blog posts (from via BlogML when I started my new WP blog a few weeks ago.

    My page seems to have an issue with the RSS feed as well. Once I add the feed to a reader it downloads all the articles properly. But new posts never make it through. I'm not sure if that helps diagnosing the other problem.

    Anyway, thanks a lot!

  2. Turns out, the problem was the big post ids that were generated when importing from Tumblr. I wrote a quick and dirty script to handle this. See:

  3. Glad this got resolved. The issue was most likely the post ID's not matching up, for anyone reading this in the future.

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