App freezers on registering self-hosted blog

  1. I have a wordpress hosted blog that works fine on the iPhone app. However, I have a self-hosted wordpress blog that can be registered on the app, the app will retrieve the correct blog title, but then just hangs as the spinning wheel icon spins forever.

    I don't know how the app could pull the title of the blog, but not the rest of the directory. Anyone else having this issue?

    Blog in issue:
    Web host:

  2. Yep. I know this is a free app, but it's so er.. un-intuitive. I'm trying to register a self-hosted blog too. Sam problem you're having.

    Considering that the normal process for logging in is to go to how does this app get round that?

    I'm likely to bin this if I can't find an answer in a few more minutes (life's too short to be worrying about not being able to blog from my iPhone)


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