App Crashing After Update

  1. Dear WordPress,
    Recently I Updated My WordPress App to Latest Version in iPhone 7 and Afterthat Whenever i Open App it Just Crash Instantly. Like - I Clicked on WP App>> It Shows Dashboard for 0.5 Seconds>> Blackout for 0.5 Second and Closed without any Notification.

    I Tried to Restart my Device but no Luck. Please Help Me With This.

  2. Hey there,

    What's your site's URL?

    Better yet, could you email us at with your site's URL?

    We'd be happy to figure out why this is happening.

  3. To confirm, is your iPhone 7 running iOS 12.4 and also version 13.0 of the WordPress app?

    If the app is crashing on startup, you may not be able to open the app for long enough to check the logsā€”but just in case you can! Please go to Profile > Help & Support > Activity Logs > Current, tap the share icon at the top right, and select "Copy" option. Then paste what you have copied into a message in Profile > Help & Support > Contact Us or by mailing the logs directly to

    Thanks so much for reporting this!

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