App crashes when sharing textbundle

  1. I'm trying to take advantage of the new feature that lets you share a textbundle from another iOS app and turn it into a Wordpress post. If I write a short post (few images) in Bear, it shares to Wordpress just fine. But once I put more than a few photos into my post, when I try to share it to Wordpress, the share screen pops up briefly, then disappears -- I believe this means that Wordpress is crashing?

  2. Hi chocuador,

    It does sound like the sharing from the Bear App to the WordPress App is failing for some reason or another, although this doesn't necessarily indicate that the WordPress App is crashing.

    In order to test and track this issue better, could you get in touch with us directly through the WordPress App. To do so, please go to Help & Support in the app (on the Me tab) and tap "Contact us" to get in touch. In your message, let us know you've come from the forums and provide as many details about the issue as possible.

    That will give us access to your application logs, and hopefully we can make some progress on testing and troubleshooting this problem from there.

  3. Thanks -- I just reproduced the issue and submitted feedback via the WordPress app immediately afterwards, in hopes that the log files will prove useful.

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