App Crashes When Attempting to View Pages

  1. I'm hosting my own wordpress installation, version 3.04, iPad iOS version 4.2.1, and the version of my iPad WordPress software is 2.6.4.

    I can log in to my blog just fine. I can see posts and comments in the app just fine. But, when I click on the 'pages' tab, the app thinks for a little while and then crashes. I've attempted to reboot the device, power the device on and off, delete and re-install the WordPress app and continue to get same the result ... the app crahses, but only on the pages tab.

    My site has a lot of pages, could this be the problem? Maybe the app tries to load all of the pages and then crashes because it cannot handle the amount of pages my site has? I've tried changing the number of pages shown in the 'Settings -> Reading' admin section of my site, that did not help.

    Anyone have any idea what's going on and if there's something I can do to fix this?

  2. @jasden73 -- most probably the XML-RPC response document for pages contains strange characters. The app could not recognize the response properly and crashes. could you give us a test account on your blog?

  3. @daniloercoli -- Can you be more specific? Are there any explanations or fixes, suggestions on what to look for in this "XML-RPC response document" file that you can point me to on the web? Are you referring to the xmlrpc.php file?

    Thanks for your help.

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