App Crashes Upon Checking Comments

  1. This was an issue for me a few days ago but as of right now, the issue has disappeared. I think it's still worth reporting though.

    I'm using the latest version of iOS with the latest version of the WordPress app. I noticed that when I tried to check comments within the app, it looked like they were loading and it crashed. I continued to do this with the same result. Two comments were in the spam queue which I believe may have been the culprit to the app crashing. I've since cleaned out the spam comments via the back-end of my WordPress site on the PC and so far, the app is behaving.

    Could it be possible that some spam comments in the queue can be structured in such a way to cause the app to crash?

  2. This issue does continue to occur for me on one of my iOS devices (an iPhone4), but another iPhone in the household with the same configuration does not have the issue when accessing comments on the same site. I also have an iPod Touch that doesn't manifest this crashing bug. Perhaps there's something specific to certain devices?

  3. I've got the same problem which behaves in precisely the same way you describe. Is there any way to report such bugs beyond here?

    My Droid using the WP Android mobile app has no such problem.

  4. We're about to submit 2.9.1 to the app store which will hopefully fix that. We haven't been able to reproduce the crash, but added a few things trying to prevent it from happening

  5. For whatever it's worth, this went away after I performed the iOS5 update. I doubt the OS itself is a fix, but maybe the reinstallation of apps that happens during the udpate process did the trick.

  6. I just uninstalled the app & then reinstalled it. So far it's performing as it should. It appears to me that this may have something to do with communications between the app and the server because when it was failing I would get an error message saying it was busy because it was trying to sync with the server. But that's a guess.

    So this may correspond to what Feline says above, though for me I did it through reinstalling the app.

  7. The reinstalled app has now reverted to it's buggy behavior, bouncing me out when the comments try to refresh.

    Not ready for primetime. How can the developers not be able to duplicate this behavior when so many of us suffer from it?

  8. I have iOS 5.01 on both my iPhone and iPad and I'm getting the internal server error every time I try to look at the comments in the app. No amount of removing and installing the Wordpress app on either device or updating the app (version 2.9.1) helps.

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