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  1. Hi, I've been having issues with the app crashing and losing posts which is just killing me. I'll try and recreate the issue for you. In this example, here's what I was doing.

    1) post created a few weeks ago and updated on,une but not published (saved as draft)
    2) edited post offline and saved locally
    3) battery on iPad was at 4% so plugged it into charger
    4) came back to it 20 mins later to find the wordpress app (which I'd left open) had the crash message on screen
    5) elected to send the crash report so you should have one
    6) when I opened the post I'd been previously updating, it had reverted back to the prior saved post before my update

    This is really killing me. There's nothing worse than losing a whole post you've spent time on. I'm using version 4.9 on an iPad, iOS 7.

    Actually I'm just thinking, I'm low on space on the iPad. Could it be that it's running into space problems saving locally and failing?

    Hopefully the crash report will help,

  2. rachelsquirrel
    Apr 7, 2015, 6:17 AM

    Hi Sneaks,

    Thanks for the detailed report. Sorry to hear you lost the changes to your post! That's not good.

    The space problem is unlikely to be the reason the post didn't save but it might be a contributing factor with the app crashing. How often does this happen? Are you able to save posts most of the time?

    If you haven't already, try closing all the applications on your device, including the WordPress app by pressing the menu button and swiping them off the screen. Let me know if this makes any difference to the number of times the app crashes.

    Version 5.0 of the app should be available in about a week so hopefully this will fix the problem for you.

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