Apostrophe and brackets being stripped when posting or editing.

  1. I have tested this on two of my blogs, and in both cases when ever i post or edit a post, Wordpress for iPhone manages to strip out the characters : ' < > " There are probably more, but that is what i have noticed.

    For example the following:
    <a href="">That's a good link!</a>
    will look like this after being posted:
    a Thats a good link!

    Tried on Wordpress 2.7.1 (w/ plugins) + 2.8 (no plugins)
    Server: Apache 2, PHP 5

    Please let me know what i can post (phpinfo, etc..) to help debug this problem as i would like to use the app to blog at a local festival on Saturday.

    Thank you in advance!

  2. This is a problem with your server using a known to broken combination of libxml and PHP. There's a plugin that can work around that problem:

    The ideal solution though is to have you server updated to use versions of libxml and PHP that work correctly.

  3. I am having this same problem. Do you know what versions of libxml and PHP should be used to correct this problem?

  4. Disregard last post. I went to read the link in Joseph Scott's post. Has all the info there.

  5. I have my libxml2 up to 2.7.3 and my PHP is up to 5.2.9 and I'm still having this issue. Could there be another cause?

  6. Correction, my libxml2 is at 2.7.6, with php 5.2.9 and apostrophes are still stripped when submitted. Can't becomes cant.

  7. @garneaum -

    If this is just an issue with apostrophes being stripped then I don't think it has anything to do with libxml. Do you have any other plugins that could be interfering? My other suspect would the magic quotes setting in PHP. This could be turned on in your server config, or there could be some code (like a plugin or theme) that is turning them on.

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