Alt size for Image Uploads in Posts

  1. Sometime in one of the last updates, some of the html for uploading images is no longer added. Previous, the following code would be included in the image reference.

    `alt="IMG_5500.JPG" class="alignnone size-full"

    Without this, when I post to a site the image appears native size on the page and doe snot look correct. With this code in the post, the image is properly displayed.

    Is there a setting somewhere for this or is it simply no longer included. I have been editing every image in posts so that they appear properly and this is a real pain on an iphone.

  2. Hi Annbryce,

    There is a setting in the app where you can set an image size for all images uploaded via the app. Go to Me > Account Settings and the move the slider for Max Image Upload Size to the size you'd like to use.

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