Adding pictures to Media Library using iOS app

  1. Hi

    I'm new to Wordpress. I recently started my self hosted site.

    I was recommended that I should add images to the Media Library to preserve image quality. However, I'm not able to find the option on the iOS app. I can add pictures from my camera to a post, which automatically adds it to media library, but the image quality looks poorer than I expected.

    So, could you help me with these questions

    - is it possible to add images to the Media Library using the iOS app?
    - is it true that adding images directly to the post reduces the picture quality?
    - is there a way to control the image size when uploading pictures from camera roll directly to a post?

    Thanks a ton

  2. I am having this problem too!

  3. I need help on this too. Perhaps an indication whether this is a function that is removed or being worked on.

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