Adding photo to iPhone app WP entry HELP!

  1. Ok, I am the LEAST tech-y person out there.

    When I go to upload a short post from my WP iphone app, I can't seem to add images.

    I click the box with the pencil in the upper right hand corner. I enter the title, tags, etc, and type. Then to add a picture (from my iPhone library) I click the 2nd icon on the bottom (photo "pictures") and select the picture through add photo from library.

    This takes me back to the "write" page and the "photos" tab has a red (1) on it. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add that picture to the actual post?!? Please help. Someone... anyone...

  2. When you hit "Save", the photo will get added to the post. I think it stuffs it at the bottom of the post.

    BUT... It's broken for me, i get "bad username / password" if I attach a photo to a post - along with a ton of other people on this forum. There are lots and lots of comments on how to get around it, but nothing that really works for everyone.

    I'm hoping Wordpress has a new iphone app release soon, but feedback has been weak. :-(

  3. I am confused by this too. If I go to the pictures the only option I get is to delete the picture, nothing to add the picture. I know have two images, so then I thought it would just be a case of clicking one, but alas, again, it just opens the pic up and all I get as an option is to delete it.

    This is a really poor design. I need to look elsewhere for a better app as I have a lot of sites to manage. I use Blogpress for my main site which is really good but it can not manage more than one site without sharing resources (i.e. you have to have the same facebook account and twitter account which is no good if your sites cover diverse topics.. like they probably would in most people's situations!!)

    Any suggestions would be greatly received :-)

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