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  1. Hi,

    I access the Admin panel on my blogs using SSL (https) and I was hoping the newer version of the iPhone WordPress app will support SSL admin page login and access. This would be really great for the advanced WordPress users!



  2. The app does work with HTTPS URLs. The app will use what ever URL is listed in the RSD.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the info. Could you expand a little more on what RSD is? Is there something I have to config or change? Your help would be appreciated!



  4. If you have a self-signed certificate version 2.0 of the app will just report an error, rendering you unable to add your blog.

  5. I have updated ticket #232 ( with the error I am getting when I try to add my SSL protected blog.

    If this could be bumped to version 2.0.1 that would just be awesome.

  6. @davidolrik:

    I had the same problem, but I solved it this way:
    At first I deactivated the force SSL-option in the wp-config.php. Then I configured my blog with the WordPress 2 app which worked well. After this step I actived SSL again. Even now I can use WordPress 2 on the iPhone for my blog.

  7. I am using a self-signed ssl certificate, and I didn't have to disable and then re-enable ssl at all. Here's what I did:

    1. Enable xml-rpc by going to Settings->Writing and checked the XML-RPC enable box.
    2. My blog is at, so in the spot to write your blog address in WP2 for iPhone, I put

    It worked like a charm, but I don't know whether it is actually going over ssl or not. Oh, well, it works, and I'm happy with it.

  8. @JensM: Cool, that works!

    This is an acceptable workaround, although you can't edit the blog settings without disabling ssl.

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