2.7.2 update won't run (iOS 3.1.3)

  1. Any word on the instant crashing that seems to happen with the most recent update? I'm on iOS 3.1.3 and after I tap to launch, I see the splash screen for a few seconds then the app closes. Looking at the App Store reviews, six of the past ten relate to crashing (no, I'm not one of them). I can't find anything in this forum or anything official that acknowledges the issue.

    Love the app, which is why this failure to run is so annoying :-)

    Thanks for your work on the project.

  2. Unfortunately a necessary library wasn't linked in the release build of the app that causes this crash on iOS 3. We've fixed it for the next release, sorry and thanks for your patience.

  3. When is the next release scheduled? This is kind of a big oversight.

  4. iOS 3.1.3 was released in February 2010, over a year ago, and the current version is in the 4s.
    3.1.3 is the last version that supported 1st gen iPhone and iPod touch; to be honest I'm kind of surprised the app is trying to support versions that old at all. The web version of WordPress publicized a release or two in advance when it was going to drop support for older versions of PHP, MySQL, and IE. Is there a timeline for when the iOS app will require a certain version?

  5. Yes, good point Jane. We've discussed moving on to an iOS 4 minimum at some point in the near future since a very small percentage of devices are still on 3.1.3 (the original iPhone).

    @loomtronic - we are planning on the next release going in to Apple next week.

  6. "The original iPhone contained the hazardous chemicals PVC and bromine." You guys should upgrade for public safety reasons. :)

  7. Any further word from Apple on the progress of making the update available?

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